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In our specialized facilites we transform computing power to real value.
Efficient, flexible, cheap and green ASIC and GPU miner hosting services and hash power lease.
Powered by Norwegian Nature.

Computing power as a service

  • Plug and play
  • Renewable Energy
  • Multi-location
  • Secure
  • Remote Access
  • GPU and ASIC

We specialize in providing you sustainable, affordable and flexible hash-power for blochchains.

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Turn hardware into profitable computing power

Our hosting is very straight forward. No complicated schemes where we charge parts of your earnings. Whatever you mine is yours to keep.

We charge only for the resources your miners consume in order to turn hardware into real value: Shelf space, monitoring, network connection, maintenance and electricity.

We accept any kind of mining hardware. ASIC, GPU based or home grown. You can bring your own miners, rent or buy miners from us.

Our services are not limited to mining cryptocurrencies. We offer specialized hosting and operations for any kind of blockchain maintenance.

Hosting services include

  • Shelf space
  • Access to green electricity
  • Access to internet (100/100 Mbit fiber link, with wireless backup)
  • Physical access to miners (under supervision)
  • Network access to miners via VPN (*)
  • Basic support and operations
  • 24/7 Security service and alarm
  • Camera surveillance
  • Insurance
  • Certified personnel access only
  • Watchdog (yes, true)

How it works

The process is straightforward. After we sign the hosting agreement, you ship your equipment to an address provided by us. The shipping is your responsibility (including any insurance). But, of course, we’ll assist with whatever we can.

Alternatively, if you've bought miners through us, we'll handle the shipping. Once we receive the equipment, you install (or we install it for you for a small fee) and test it. Once functional, we’ll notify you and give you the information you need to access and manage your miners. Invoices are sent monthly.


Prices are based on resources consumed by the miner at our facilities in order to produce hash power. Such as shelf space, network, monitoring, power consumption, etc. If you have a special case, please reach out to us for a quote.

If you do not have a PSU with your miner, you can rent one from us (see pricing below).

All prices in NOK excl VAT.

GPU based miners

GPU miners at Pricing for GPU rigs depends on the size of the rig and power usage among other things. Please contact us with specifications of your rig(s) for a quote. We'd need to know things like
- Power consumption
- Number of GPUs per rig
- Type of cards (make/model)
- OS
- Pysical size of rig(s)

We do not accept "open-air rigs". We may require that GPUs are installed in a "box" to fit in our data centers.

ASIC miners

ASIC miner hosting at We accept any kind of ASIC miner. Regardless which type of blockchain you want to maintain, the miner hardware is welcome in our facilities.

Below is a pricing calculater that will help you figure out an approximate cost of placing your miners in our facilities. The final price may vary from this because we'll have to consider more variables than just the electrocity consumption to provide our service to you.

Rule of thumb is 900 NOK per KW per month.

ASIC price calculator

Input your numbers below and get a cost estimate:

Total cost per month: 900.00 NOK. (1062.50 NOK including VAT)

Other costs

Supplement to our hosting solution are the following addition offerings:

Product Description Price
PSU rental Rent A PSU for your miner 100 NOK/ miner / month
VPN acccess Secure remote access to miners. (Only available for customers with minimum of 10 miners). 100 NOK / miner / month
Installation Installing miners in our facility. 1000 NOK / hour
SLA Service Level Agreement. On request

If you feel it is difficult to place your rigs and equipment in one of these buckets, please share your details in an email to us and we'll give you a special quote.


Currently we have two facilities in the area of Sandnes, Norway and more to come. Our focus is to keep costs down but at the same time provide the quality of service one would expect.

Our strategy is therefore not to rent expensive space at high end hosting facilities, but find other suitable buildings and customize them for our needs. By suitable we mean; access to internet, enough electricity and be a secure building.

We do not believe that the build-out of many multi-MW facilities is the way to go for efficient blockchain maintenance.

Additionally, we'll soon officially roll out selfcontained miner units powered by dedicated solar or hydroelectric power. These units are extremely profitable and efficient. Lead time and process is a little bit more demanding than regular hosting. Then agian, the reward is bigger. Reach out to us, if you're interested.

Current capacity

0% Facility 1
0% Facility 2
0% Self contained


Electricity in Norway is environmentally friendly, clean, renewable energy produced by nature. Compared to the rest of the world, electricity in Norway is relatively cheap. Moreover, due to the colder climate in Norway, we need less energy for cooling. Use of electricity is included in the price of our service.


We take security of our facilities very seriously. We have multiple measures in place to deter breaches and to limit their probability and possible impact.

A result of this is that clients do not have access to facilities - except under supervision. So if a client wishes to install miners themselves or perform maintenance, this is possible, but only under supervision of our staff.

Other information

The hosting service has a minimum commitment of 12 months with a notice period of 3 months.

We currently do not offer any compensation if facility goes down due to unforeseen consequences out of our control (power outage, network link issues). Our obligation in such a situation is to work around the clock to get facility operational again and to keep clients informed of status.

*) For VPN access we require a minimum of 10 miners.